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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Where to Learn?

It is extremely important to learn about anything new that you will undertake, with Forex trading it isn't any different. Learning is tantamount to the success you will get from trading. if you don't endeavor to learn then you will fail fast. Therefore make it a point of your duty to always remain a student to the market even when you have become an extremely profitable trader. Learning can never be too much in such a dynamic society and a rapidly changing economic climate being pushed by technology and its effect on globalization.
I will introduce a number of ways to either start learning or continue developing your trading craft. These ways will take you from an extremely fundamental and primary level to a more sophisticated and interactive level.


This is an extremely helpful site for both beginner traders and experience traders. It incorporates an online school which takes persons who want to learn through stages of developing such a craft. It has an online school that allows you to track your progress while you learn from the basics to the most advanced things in the Forex market. The school is self-paced so you will not rushed or flooded with a lot of things to do. What it does is that it structures the learning environment so that it will take you from kindergarten to basic school then to primary school. After completing primary there is secondary level education and tertiary level education that is constructed of both undergraduate and graduate level information.
This is a marvelous place to start learning and continue learning as it also hosts a forum and a blog for its users. The forum allows you to interact with other traders at various levels in their trading life. The blog allows you to create your own trading cyber space where you can share your strategy and grow with the community of traders as well as read about the progress of other trading strategies as the traders tweak their tools. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to start off trading to begin here.


Tradimo is similar in its approach to Babypips as it provides a plethora of learning materials absolutely free. Hence you can also register, learn and track your learning progress. There is a slight difference however as tradimo offers a trading aspect where it can connect you directly to brokers and allow you to trade.
It has an excellent platform that allows you to grow your potential and hence your profitability when you begin to trade. Use the learning platform to add to your trading tools or sharpen the ones you already possess.

Youtube Channels

A number of YouTube channels exists that takes traders through different trading strategies, market signals, chart analysis and market preview. The channels may vary from individuals to Forex groups or major businesses helping you as a trader to be more profitable. I personally have followed a number of these channels and see how best i could incorporate what i learn with my trading strategy so as to maximize on my effectiveness in trading. 
   PATsTrading Channel takes you through daily analysis of charts using price action trading but focusing mainly on second entry strategy. A lot can be learned from the analysis done using this price action strategy and incorporating it your trading tool kit.
   Forex Reviews is another excellent channel for market previews and reviews. It's done by Timon Weller and what he does is he uses price action to analyze a number of currency pairs, see what there price action has been and uses that to forecast particular movements that may arise.

There are lot more channels out there that can be used to learn from to increase your skill and knowledge but all should be analysed and see if they are in line with your risk appetite and trading strategy.

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Webinars are another great way of learning and continuous growth. Webinars are mostly live and has a tutor or presenter delivering the objectives of the webinar. It is mostly interactive which allows you to ask your questions and get them answered so you can become a better, more informed trader.
Most brokers will provide a learning environment that will include weekly webinars. If your broker doesn't have a learning section then i suggest you find one that does. Every broker that i have tested so far have a learning section to their business and conducts weekly webinars to help its members grow.


I have also found social media to be an extremely useful place to connect with like-minded people and learn as well. Twitter has been one such place. I have connected with hundreds of trading enthusiasts, profitable traders and signal providers by simple utilizing the power of social media. Use whatever medium you can to seek knowledge and you will find that the knowledge will find you. Through twitter i was able to reach more persons with my trading knowledge and also was able to be impacted by other traders view the trading market place.


Printed media is also relevant and still provides a wide array of knowledge for investors and traders. Books contain a great of information from many successful traders who became expert in their craft. They decided to write books to help even more persons and have the knowledge that they have amassed be put in the hands of those who need it. Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg, Two extremely profitable traders who have written books on trading as well as they provide trading signal service.

I continue to urge you keep being a student so that you can learn more. However, don't just learn the info and sit on it. Learn it and use it to grow your bank balance. 

"To learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know" - Dr. Stephen Covey.

Keep follow this Forex blog as we venture soon into chart analysis and trading signals.

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