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Monday, 21 November 2016

Usain: Forex trading Brand Ambassador

Trading just got a speed boost from World-famous sprinter, Jamaican Usain Bolt. It may seem unlikely to associate the sprinter with Trading but read on and you will get the similarities.

Usain bolt continues to make his speed enlarge his circle of influence and thus gain even more popularity. Recently he he signed a deal with world-famous Forex broker XM trading. XM is now the official sponsor for Usain bolt making him their Official Brand Ambassador. XM boasts robust technology and speed for trading and Usain will depict such as their ambassador. This is unprecedented for the Lanky Jamaican sprinter who will retire soon from all internal sporting competitions.

It is unorthodox to associate Usain with Forex Trading, however, being a speed demon setting and breaking his own 100m and 200m Olympic and world championship records, Usain's demonstration of blistering speed is what XM represents. Speed is extremely critical in the trading arena in executing trade orders. Also it involves earnings and both XM and Usain will earn a huge amount from this deal.

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