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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

PAMM: How to invest while you are busy.

What is PAMM?

Lets say you have some money to invest or trade but don't have the time to do it yourself. PAMM fixes that issue for you by allowing you use what is called a Percent Allocation Money Management account to invest in other traders.
As the name suggests a percentage of the profits earned is given to the person trading while the majority of the profit is for you, the investor.

    Trade without trading

PAMM accounts allow you to trade without doing it yourself. It frees up time for you and allows you to earn. This is an excellent choice for fast-paced career persons who are seeking a way to multiply their money.


       The advantages of opening a PAMM account is magnificent. Just imagine making money while doing something else. This is perfect for a lot of persons, even for me. Allow your money to work for you for once.
     With this kind of account you still have full control over your money. You decide when to close your account, when to choose a different fund manager, whether or not to compound profits and the list goes on.


You have the flexibility of choosing any PAMM money manager you want. Each manager's track record is shown so you know where you are putting your money. There's also flexibility in the term life of your investment. Instead of having your money tied up for years you have from a minimum of 30 days up to hold your cash in that account.


All PAMM account managers are regulated by the brokers and they can't get a percentage unless they make a profit. With the brokers'strict regulations each account manager is ensured to be transparent. Manager only gets paid if there's a profit so you don't have to worry about paying the amount manager as they get money only when they make you money.
Each PAMM account manager had to invest their money in the account as well which means they have vested interest in seeing the account making profits.


       As with anything forex related there is always a chance that you may lose your investment. Nothing is ever really a guarantee and past performance doesn't necessarily predict future results.

Investments aren't risky, investors are. So please choose an account manager carefully.

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