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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Enjoy Earnably

Earnably is a website where you can earn point and receive cash back completing simple tasks. These tasks range from playing games, following on social media and posting in forums. They also reward users by posting redeemable promo codes on their social media platforms.
There is also an offer wall where you accumulate points by completing offers from other services. There are a lot of offers presented on their offer wall that will surely be able to find one that is suitable for you. In addition to these offers there also daily survey to complete and videos to watch for you gain more points.
Once you have acquired a minimum about of point you can then convert the point to cash and withdraw via PayPal or convert the points to bitcoin and with draw to your bitcoin wallet. You can also convert your points to amazon gift cards and use them to purchase whatever you want to. They also provide ways for you to introduce people to their service and earn point while you introduce your friends and family to earn as well.

They provide a number of resources to help you promote and earn more points and thus more money. Learn point by even installing apps to your phone and using them. Play games and earn point, enter contest and win points and if you have any issues you can contact them and they will be able to assist readily. The more contest you enter and win the more points you get and thus more money. Overall the idea behind what is done at Earnably is a good one and i would recommend it to persons looking to get a few extra bucks in their spare time.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Britain Elections and its effect on the GBP

The British pound went through a huge dive when the UK decided to exit the European Union (EU). Since then it has been trying to rally and regain some ground. Another highly volatile event now exist for the British Pound, this being the UK general elections that will take place tomorrow. Before attempting to trade this event there are a few things to consider.

London Terror Attack

This event took place over the past weekend and was a horrific attack in the UK capital. Although the event didn't affect the GBP greatly against its USD counterpart it may play a significant roll when combined with the UK general elections that is slated to happen on Thursday June 9.
The attack left 7 people killed with 48 injured and distributing an air or fear over the city of London. This attack delivered a blow to businesses and a lot of precautions will be taken in order to prevent such an attack from reoccurring. It is reported that the attackers were killed  shortly after committing the heinous act.
This event may also cause voters to lose confidence in the present government's ability to keep them secure and could drive the voters to vote otherwise. Although political campaigns were cancelled Monday due to the attack, the Labour party has gained significantly on the Conservatives who are still leading however.

Current Prime Minister

The current prime minister of the UK is 60 yrs old Theresa Mary May a British politician who also serves as Leader of the Conservative Party since July 2016, the second female to hold both positions.
Within Theresa May's tenure it can be recorded the UK exited the European Union and as such removed themselves from whatever benefit that union provided. It also prevents residence of the other members of the EU from getting any direct benefits from the United Kingdom.

Since May announced the Election on April 18 her and her Party's lead has been declining. Although they are still in the lead it may be of great concern to the party headquarters that their lead has moved from 17.8 points to just under 10 points. This could lead to a change in power in the government which could affect investor confidence, business growth, economic strategies and the GBP.

Considering that a switch in governance may happen here are a few things to evaluate before you trade GBP pairs:
1. How volatile will the GBP behave.
2. Have i set my stop losses and take profit on all GBP pairs.
3. It may be better to stay away from GBP pairs till the election noise settles.
4. How will my ope trades be affected.

Even if the Conservatives remain in power the GBP may still be volatile on the day and the day following the election.

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Automation of trades

Automating some aspects of your life would be good as you wouldn't have to worry about the everyday tasks of getting certain things done. One important part of life that every should aim to put on autopilot is your income and there a few ways to use Forex to put income on full auto or semi-auto. A couple of these ways are talked about in this article and how they will benefit you.


EA or Expert Advisor is a program coded to trade on its own once you start it. It is also referred to as a trading robot because it trades on basic rules that you set in it before you let it start trade. You can create an EA if you like but you would need to learn a coding language which make take months or years to get it right and trading profitably.
On the other hand there are other ways that you can get an EA without doing any coding. One way is to get one made based on your trading strategy. You can get this done by coders on or any other such site. Another way is to purchase one directly in MT4. Keep in mind that there are thousands of EAs in the MT4 platform so be sure to evaluate and test first before putting one on your live account.
EAs work well for someone with a busy schedule or when you just want to put your income on Auto-Pilot. The EA that you choose to use should incorporate properly money and risk management in it, these include but not limited to risk per trade, take profit and stop loss.

Signal Services

VPS Hosting

Within the trading arena, whether Forex, stocks or futures, there are a lot of instruments being traded. Within the Forex industry alone there are numerous currency pairs on the market that you can make a profit (or loss) from. However, if you follow all the signals that will pop daily it will consume all your time and energy. To solve this and maximize on your time, energy and profits signals service was created to assist other users in their trading endeavours.
Signal services are systems, either automated or manual, that provide you with trading setups, strategies and insights on different currency pairs. Before getting subscribed to a signal service you should evaluate their performance, trading ideals and also their longevity.
Automated signal services will provide an EA that gets signals directly from them and executes trades accordingly. The setup will include entry and exit points but in addition to that you can also close or open trades for yourself. The best way to utilize the automated signals is to setup a VPS server and then install your MT4 there so that the EA can run even while you sleep.
Manual trading signals means that when the providers send the signals you will have to open and close the trades yourself for all signals provided. Manual trading signals can be sent via email, text messages or through an indicator provided by the service provider. The upside of this is that you get a chance to see if these signals coincide with your trading ideals before executing. The down side is that you will need to be around your computer when these signals come in so that you don't enter the trade too late or miss the trade opportunity all together. Two examples of such signal service is Signal Forge (Auto) and BKForex (Manual). Will provide more on these services in a later post.

Your next step

With the information provided above there are a few things you should do depending on where you are in your trading business. If you are a beginning trader then you should research more and gather additional information that will enhance your trading strategy. After your research is completed then you can test out a signal service on a demo account to see how it functions. If it performs to your satisfaction then you can go ahead and put it on a live account. Keeping in mind that live and demo accounts may be slightly different, don't put it to work on all of your money at once.
If you are an experienced trader then you can check out the various signal services that exists and use one that you are satisfied with.

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